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"We Seek to Rescue and to Save"

Welcome to the Friendship Hook & Ladder Co., No. 1 Website!

The purposes for which this Company is organized are, for the maintenance of a home for the housing of fire engines and other fire fighting and life saving apparatus. To assist our fellow citizens, save lives and preserve their properties at times of fire and disaster. And to conduct a club for the sole purpose of providing social diversions, entertainment and refreshment for members only, without profit, incidental or otherwise and thereby possess and enjoy all the rights and benefits and privileges guaranteed under the Act of Assembly and its supplements as a non profit corporation.

-Article 2, Sect. 1 of the Constitution and By-Laws of the
Friendship Hook & Ladder Co., No. 1

January 1, 2010- This year we are switching hosts for our website and also a total rebuild of design and features. Keep checking back for updates on when the new site will be operational. During this switch over period there will not be many updates done to the old site. We apologize for the appearance and lack of information during this transition but the wait for the new site will be well worth it. Thanks for all the support in the past and we look forward to supplying you with the latest information on our Fire Company.


November 28, 2009- At 0757 hours Stations 15 and 16 were dispatched to the 200 block of Winding Road in Douglass Twp. for a motor vehicle accident with unknown injuries. Rescue 15 and EMS arrived to a single vehicle accident that left the roadway and crashed into a post and rail fence. The driver was out of the vehicle and refused any EMS services. A rail from the fence had penetrated throught the windshield of the car and luckily went into the passenger seat and not the driver's seat of the vehicle. The company cleaned up the fence debris on the roadway and were released by the police and were available and at station at 0853 hours.

November 25, 2009- At 1148 hours the rescue assignment was dispatched to Route 100 at the intersection of Countyline Road to assist Station 17 (Liberty) for the vehicle accident with injuries and entrapment. Rescue 15 responded and arrived to a four vehicle accident. A tractor trailer had rearended two passenger vehicles pushing one of them into another stopped tractor trailer. EMS was attending to the injured subjects in the first vehicle and reported that rescue would not be needed on that vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle was trapped and a roof and side removal was performed to extricated the patient. The rescue was complete at 1215 hours. At the request of Deputy 17 the company remained on location to assist in cleanup. After assisting with debris and fluids cleanup the company was available at station at 1336 hours.


November 24, 2009- At 2110 hours Ladder and Engine 15 were dispatched on the initial structure assignment to assist Montgomery County Station 67 (Gilbertsville Fire and Rescue) for a possible structure fire at the McDonald's on East Philadelphia Ave. Chief 67 arrived and reported a smoke condition in the building and possible fire in the basement. Ladder 15 arrived and was directed to the rear of the building and gained entry with a crew from Station 67. Engine 15 arrived and was ordered to the hydrant in front of the building. Interior crews reported a motor on fire on a machine with a smoke condition and checking for extension. The fire was extinguished and a leak on the carbon dioxide line to the soda system was shut down. Ventilation was then setup and after the building was cleared the units were available and at station at 2244 hours.

November 23, 2009- At 2039 hours a civilian walked into the station during our weekly training session and reported a vehicle accident, reported to be an overturned vehicle on Farmington Ave in the area of Fisherman's Paradise, which is an area where we have numerous accidents. Rescue, Engine and Utility 15 responded and Chief 15 advised Communications of the walk-in and to dispatch Station 16. Upon arrival a BMW was overturned with the occupant self extricated and refusing EMS assistance. Personnel powered down the vehicle and assisted with debris cleanup and the companies were available and at station at 2124 hours.


November 22, 2009- At 0302 hours Stations 15 and 16 were dispatched to Route 562 in Douglass Twp. for a reported pole and wires down on the roadway. After the dispatch a second call was received for the same area for an accident with unknown injuries. Rescue 15 responded and arrived to find both incidents one in the same with a one vehicle accident that sheared a utility pole and landed in a field adjacent to the roadway. The area was secured and the utility company was contacted. EMS evaluated the patient who refused treatment and personnel powered down the vehicle. After the arrival of the utility company Chief 15 made units available and were at station at 0423 hours.

November 17, 2009- At 1156 hours Ladder and Rescue 15 were requested by Montgomery County Station 67 (Gilbertsville Fire and Rescue) to assist with a high angle rescue for a patient with a medical condition on the roof of an industrial building on Englesville Road. The units arrived and it was decided the best route of extrication was to lash the patient in a stokes and use Ladder 15 to lower him to the ground. A 4:1 mechanical advantage rope system was setup and attached to the main of the ladder while a crew got the patient ready in the stokes. The patient was then lifted using the system and ladder 15 swung off the rear and he was lowered to the ground to the awaiting EMS units. The entire rescue took less than 20 minutes to perform and the company was available and at station at 1254 hours.


November 16, 2009- For training this evening Station 16 (Keystone Boyertown) invited us down to go over various vehicle rescue training. The evening started with a review of stabilization of a vehicle followed by a use of hand, power, and hydraulic rescue tools. Members intermixed with each other throughout the evening and all members from both stations in attendance learned alot of techniques. We thank Deputy 16 for the invite and look forward to more joint training sessions in the future.

November 7, 2009 - After returning from the trench rescue incident, Engine 15 with a crew went to the Boyertown Park to standby for the Parks and Recreation Committee of the Borough of Boyertown at a bon fire for their annual Fall Festival. The Engine was put to the task of building and maintaining a fire for anyone in attendance at the festival to keep warm and roast marshmallows. The bon fire was used extensively by hundreds of people throughout the day and evening. The crew, with the assistance of some younger attendees, then extinguished the fire after a day of relaxing.


November 7, 2009 - At 1022 hours, while Company 15 was on location at an automatic fire alarm, Chief 15 was notified by Berks County Communications that Deputy 85-1 (Spring Twp.) requested that Company 15 respond to assist with an active trench rescue incident in Bethel Township. Company 15 immediately cleared the AFA, responded back to station, and began to get the technical rescue equipment together. Within minutes, Ladder, Utility, and Collapse Trailer 15 went responding to 32 Legion Drive in Bethel Township. While en route, Deputy 85-1 contacted Assistant 15 via cell phone and stated that they were in the process of shoring the trench, which had sloughed in on a male patient, burying him up to his chest. Bystanders had reched in and cleared the dirt from his chest so he could breathe. Company 15 units arrived on location at 1113 hours, and were ordered to set up a cut station near the trench. Companies 15 and 85 worked together and were there as a technical rescue resource for Companies 54 and 27 (Bethel and Rehrersburg) while they performed the extrication Everyone worked together extremely well, and had the patient out of the trench at 1224 hours. All personnel discussed operations on the scene, then systematically removed the equipment from the trench. After everything was secured, units returned back to the Borough. Company 15 was at station at 1444 hours.

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