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Name: Michael Thomas

Nickname: Scooter

Position: Lieutenant/Driver

Member of F.H. & L. since: December 1996

Reason Joined F.H. & L.: Long family history in the fire service, always had an interest

Hobbies: Hockey

Certifications: Firefighter 1 & 2 (State and National), Fire Service Instructor I, EMT, Emergency Responder/CPR instructor, VRT (Basic and Special), Water Rescue (Pa Fish & Boat Commission & American Red Cross), Rope & High Angle Rescue, PA-130, Bus Rescue, Rope I & II, Pump 1 and 2, Firefighter Survival, Truck Company Operations, Structural Fire Rescue, Haz-Mat Operations, Ice Rescue Awareness, Structural Collapse I & II, Trench Rescue Operations I & II

Memorable Incidents: WELS Management (Body Works) Fire & Gardenia Fire, and the structure fire in Boyertown where I survived a flashover with the interior crew


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