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August 17, 2009- This evening's training session was to refresh the different methods of stabilization of a vehicle on it's wheels. Members split into four groups and performed different types of stabilization using cribbing, highlift jacks, come-a-longs, etc. It was a very iformative evening going back to the basics.


July 27, 2009- This evening there was a joint training session at the old Bonanza with Stations 17 (New Berlinville), 20 (Bechtelsville), 22 (Barto), and 5 (Oley). A senerio was setup simulating an explosion and fire with persons trapped at the eating establishment. The buiding was filled with theatrical smoke and crews were split into suppression, ventilation, RIT, rescue, roof, and all command positions required. During the course of the evening crews were presented with rescue of civilians, two simulated fires, one lost firefighter, and one injured firefighter. They also had to ventilate the smoke using mechanical ventilation. All the crews worked seamlessly together and it was a very excellent setup senerio. Unfortunately the building owner came during the senerio and advised that this would be the last time we would be able to utilze the structure as it was sold and slated for demolition within the week. We thank the owners for allowing us the opportunity to use the structure for the last several months as buildings of this nature are hard to acquire for training.


July 18 & 19- This weekend numerous members continued with the technical rescue training participating in the confined space rescue class. Members were tested in entering confined spaces including a horizontal pipe, and exhaust shaft on a roof of a commercial building. Training and senerios of injured subjects with different levels of air quality were presented to the crews. After a long and exhausting weekend all members that participated found the class to be very informative and challenging.



June 29, 2009- The weekly Monday training session was held at the old Bonanza building and the crew practiced their skills of rope rescue using the stokes basket and Ladder 15 for patient removal The crew did both below and above grade rescues and it was a very informative evening taught by Firefighters Phil Nunan and Corey Heimbach.


June 13 and 14, 2009- This weekend numerous members participated in getting certified in advanced Trench Rescue II taught through Bucks County Fire Training. The crew practiced on intersecting trenches which included both T and L trenches. Due to heavy rains the previous days the personnel had to deal with dewatering the trench before and during the training which added to the realism of the weekend. Although everyone got muddy alot of valuable information was learned. A special thanks goes to Ron Swavely of Ace Animals for allowing us to dig the trenches on his property and to Spring Twp. Fire Department for bringing their collapse trailer for equipment. We also thank the Berks County Department of Emergency Services for allowing us the use of the trench equipment for the training.


June 21, 2008 - This weekend several members attended the Elevator Rescue Course which was conducted at the fire station. The instruction included classroom the first day and performing practical evolutions the second day at various locations in our first due area. Members practiced polling of a stuck elevator door and removing a patient from an elevator stuck between floors. The class was very informative and the fire company would like to thank Campbell Fittings, Ott Funeral Home, Boyertown Area Multi-Service, Chestnut Knoll Assisted Living Center, and the National Penn Bank for allowing us to use the elevators at their facilities for the training.


August 13, 2007 - Tonight, members from Companies 15, 16 (Keystone), and 17 (Liberty) participated in a joint training session held at Station 16. Officers from Company 16 did a tour of their water rescue unit and boat, practiced tossing throw bags, and discussed various water rescue procedures. The purpose of these joint sessions is to allow the members from the three companies to interact and stay on the same page with their training. Tonight was fun, yet informative, and everybody had a good time learning about basic water rescue procedures. Look back to see future training sessions between the three companies! And thank you to Company 16 for hosting the training session!

June 11, 2007 - Tonight, Bucks County Community College sponsored a 3-hour course that was held at Station 15 called Attack and Back-up Lines. Instructor Brian Mickley came down and taught members about hoseline advancement, placement, and the purposes of having an attack and a back-up line in room and contents fires. Members practiced at becoming efficient with deploying and advancing hoselines. Thanks to Brian and Bucks County for offering this course and helping our members at practicing these essential skills!


May 20, 2007 - Today, members from Stations 15, 16 (Keystone), 17 (Liberty), and Montgomery County 67 (Gilbertsville) participated in the practical day for Pump Operations I. Each station brought an engine to a local pond to practice pulling drafts and sending water thorough various lengths and diameters of hose, and also to master stream devices. The class was taught through Bucks County by Eric Rickenbach. Thanks to Eric and to everyone that participated in the class for making the day fun while we learned about pumping!


April 28-29, 2007 - This weekend, 1st Assistant Chief Glenn Trate (15-11), 2nd Assistant Chief Ryan Bingaman (15-12), and Firefighters Ashley Neubauer, Brian Sierocinski, Corey Heimbach, and Jeff Carl attended a training course at Berks County Fire Training Center called Mid-Rise Firefighting. Topics during this class included firefighting operations in mid-rise buildings (4-10 stories), standpipe systems, sprinkler systems, building construction, and elevator operations. The class consisted of classroom and practical evolutions with live fire on the second day. Engine 15 was brought to the training center on the day of the live burns for water supply. All the members that attended gained more experience and knowledge about firefighting tactics and strategies for mid-rise buildings to better protect our community. The class was very labor intensive and other members at the station were encouraged to to attend in the future.


March 31-April 1, 2006 - This weekend Second Assistant Chief Ryan Bingaman (15-12) and firefighters Ashley Neubauer and Brian Sierocinski participated in a High-Rise Firefighting class held at the Berks County Fire Training Center. Topics during this class included firefighting operations in high-rise buildings (6+ stories), standpipe systems, sprinkler systems, and elevator operations. The class consisted of 25 firefighters from Berks and Lancaster Counties. The second day included skill demonstrations in live-fire environments. Overall, the class was very interesting, extremely labor-intensive, and one that would be recommended to firefighters to take in the future.


March 12, 2006 - Tonight was a joint training session between Stations 15, 16 (Keystone), and 17 (Liberty). The three companies met at a local warehouse in Boyertown and practiced RIT evolutions. The first thing we all did was gather inside the warehouse and discuss similarities and differences between our SCBA's, because Station 17 uses MSA and we use Scott. Then we split up into 5 groups, 4 for the RIT evolution, and the fifth was juniors. The juniors went with 17-10 (Wary) to go over SCBA's, and the other 4 groups participated in the RIT evolution inside the warehouse. We used a 170-pound dummy and buried it underneath lots of "debris," and the groups donned SCBA and went inside to rescue the dummy as if it were a downed firefighter. We performed the evolution twice, and it was successful both times. Everybody gained more knowledge about RIT skills and had an enjoyable time doing so. The tri-company training sessions will be quite regular throughout the year, as an attempt to build a stronger bond between the three companies. Look to our training page in the future to see more news about our training!


February 26, 2006 - Tonight, personnel practiced with ropes and rope accessories. The group split into two, with one group constructing a block-and-tackle system and a 3:1 mechanical advantage system, and the other group practicing basic knots and hoisting tools. The training session was very informative and we all gained a basic knowledge of different aspects of rope and high-angle rescue.

February 12, 2007 - Tonight, personnel from Companies 15, 16 (Keystone), and 17 (Liberty) participated in a course called Bomb Threats and Improvised Devices. The class was hosted by Bucks County, and was instructed by Forrest Wieder. The 4-hour course was focused on identifying different types of bombs and improvised devices, and emergency response for terrorism incidents and bomb threats. Thanks to Bucks County and Forrest for coming down to our station to teach the class!


August 29, 2006 - Tonight, Companies 15 and 16 (Keystone) held a joint practice at Station 15 and went over different vehicle rescue operations. We practiced stabilization with different resources, and also trained with hand tools, power tools, and hydraulic rescue tools. The training session went smoothly, and everyone had a good time refreshing vehicle rescue tactics.


August 14 , 2006 - Tonight for training, the company practiced some more with the new rescue struts. We used a donated pick-up truck to practice setting up the struts, so we will feel more comfortable using them at an emergency call. The group attending split into four crews, and set them up on the truck when it was on its wheels, on its side, and also on its roof. The training session was very informative, and everyone seemed to have a good time learning how to use the struts.


July 31, 2006 - Due to the extreme heat and humidity, Company 17 (Liberty) invited Company 15 to their station for water battles, just to cool off and have fun. How the battles worked, was that two hose teams set up facing each other, and the object was to use 1 3/4" hoselines to push a balloon across a rope, and obviously whoever pushed it to the opposite pole first wins the battle. The companies faced off and displayed equal skills with the hoselines, but the real point of the training was to have fun and become closer with one of our fellow companies. Everyone had a great time, and it was a fun way to stay cool in the heat. Thanks to the Lib's for inviting us over to have the water battles!


May 21, 2006 - This weekend was the last practical evolution of the series of training classes for the Vehicle Rescue Technician certification process held at Station 17. The class consisted of members from companies 15, 16 (Keystone), and 17 (Liberty), and was instructed by Eric Rickenbach. The day started off with members practicing with various power and hydraulic tools on over a dozen donated vehicles. The class then broke for lunch, while the instructors and other helpers set up the "scene" for the final scenario. While the members discussed their plans for the scenario, Chief Chuck Neubauer (15-10) "dispatched" the accident using Boyertown Channel 2, and the members actually responded to the scene. The initial report was that a child riding his bike was hit by a car. Engine 17-3 arrived on location to find a 4-vehicle pile-up into a telephone pole with "live wires" down, and a bicycle in the middle. After an hour and a half, members extricated 7 victims, and also dealt with a drum of hazardous materials found in the brown Bronco. The scene was made to be a worst-case scenario, and also to be challenging to the members. Everyone worked together well and did a great job. Thanks to Eric Rickenbach and his assistants for instructing and helping out with the class. Thanks also to Rescue 14 (Bally) for assisting with the practical evolutions and to Rescue 34 (Ruscombmanor) for standing-by for any actual emergencies in the area.


March 25-26, 2006 - This weekend, six members took the Structural Fire Rescue class held at the Berks County Fire Training Center, instructed by Carl Seltzer and Tony Romano. Second Assistant Chief Ryan Bingaman (15-12), Third Assistant Chief Mike Thomas (15-13), and firefighters Jason Carlile, Lance McNear, Ashley Neubauer, and Phil Nunan participated in the class, along with approximately twenty other firefighters from around the county. The purpose of the class was to

educate the firefighters about victims of structure fires, and how to remove them using various techniques, while also considering the firefighters' own safety and incorporating RIT skills. Though the 16-hour class was very labor-intensive, it contained a lot of useful information. Some of the evolutions included in the class were victim carries and drags, victim extrication via ladders, a refresher on knots, and advanced search techniques. Thanks to the Carl Seltzer, Tony Romano, and their assistants for presenting us with lots of useful information that we can take to the fireground if ever needed.


February 27, 2006 - On Monday, February 27, the Hooks participated in an air consumption drill for our weekly training. The training was led by 3rd Assistant Chief Mike Thomas (15-13) and Foreman Jarid Miller (15-14). During the training, the firefighters wore full turnout gear and SCBA and performed various tasks. Crews climbed Ladder 15's main onto a roof, climbed down several groundladders, walked a hundred yards, crawled down basement steps, performed a search in a basement and crawled up basement steps. These evolutions helped the firefighters determine the amount of work they could do using an air back and the amount of air that they consumed while doing the work.


January 30, 2006 - On Monday, January 30, firefighters from the Hooks participated in a repelling practice at our weekly training session. The crews were shown the proper techniques for setting up for repelling as well as how to properly repel. The training was very informative and the firefighters in attendance learned alot.

To see several short videos of the repelling training, click here.


January 28, 2006 - On Saturday, January 28, the Friendship Hook & Ladder Company participated in an Elevator and Escalator Emergencies class. The class was a conclusion to a 16 hour class that focused mainly on elevator and some escalator rescues. The class started as 8 hours of lecture in the firehouse and ended with 8 hours of practical training and exercises. Firefighters traveled to several businesses in the Borough and used the elevators. The firefighters learned the proper techniques to opening a door with a key, poling a door with a poling tool and controlling the elevator from the top of the car. The class was an excellent one and everyone learned alot and had a great time. Special thanks to instructors Mike Armstrong and Eric Smith for teaching the class. A very special thanks to Chestnut Knoll, Walnut Woods, the National Penn Bank and Campbell Fittings for allowing us to use their elevators.